Drawing from a diverse background of interests, composing and arranging has become a growing pursuit for me. Ranging from ethnic influenced pieces, to electronic accompanied works, I seek to offer a wide palette when composing solo and chamber percussion works.

As an active educator in the marching percussion arts, I have had many opportunities to write for both battery and front-ensemble. I have written and arranged percussion for numerous high schools, including Veterans High School, Northside High School, and Houston County High School.

If you are interested in a solo/chamber commission, or marching percussion arranging, please contact me for more information and pricing.


List of works:

  • Anatomy of Circuits (2014) – Multi-percussion solo
  • One-Handed Boy (2016) – Multi-percussion duet
  • Flux (2017) – Snare drum and electronics
  • Udu Voodoo (2017) – Udu solo
  • Bendición Madre (2017) – by Pedro Martinez, arranged for Afro-Cuban Ensemble